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Fifth phase

Phoenix Street Business Project Office November 7, 2016

[entrepreneurial style]

"Adults reach themselves, casting a hundred years cause"

---Jiangxi Baliusan Industrial Co., Ltd. founder Chen Yuanxing

Jiangxi Baliusan Industry Co. Ltd. is relying on domestic and foreign famous scientific research design institute and technical force of high-tech enterprise founded in 2013, Jiangxi province key project and the National 863 high tech research and development program implementation unit. Petrochemical catalyst project total investment of 300 million yuan, and a series of activated alumina adsorbent mainly produces series catalysts and molecular sieves, product has been used in CNOOC acquisition system, in oil on the 1st network system, CNOOC, PetroChina and Sinopec is a supplier of production, has the world's advanced or leading technology patents and broad market prospects. Among them, TCDTO-1 de olefin catalyst in January 8, won the national Ministry of science and technology award. Today, we take you to know the founder of Jiangxi Baliusan Industrial Co., Ltd. - Chen Yuanxing.

The heart of the "business leader"
Chen Yuanxing, founder and chairman of the board of directors and general manager, for many years has been committed to the production and sales of catalytic materials in Guangdong. 2010, in order to support the economic development of his hometown, resolutely decided to return to entrepreneurship. In business activities, he always adhere to the "four treat":
Is a good partner, give full play to their own advantages, and strive to create a win-win cooperation platform, to maximize the interests of partners; two is to treat employees, time to pay attention to production safety and optimizing the working environment and living environment, let employees live and work in peace; three is to treat the social, multi line charity, raising enterprise conscience and responsibility; four is to treat the environment, protect the blue sky.

The heart of the industry "great craftsmen"
He is keen to engage in industry, with the power of science and technology to crafted artisan spirit, adult to have cultural ideas, and strive to become bigger and stronger enterprise entity. He was low-key, but the establishment and management of Jiangxi Baliusan registered capital of 109 million yuan, in cooperation with the Beijing low carbon clean energy research institute, CNOOC Tianjin chemical research and Design Institute, Jingdezhen ceramic University, is to negotiate cooperation with Sinopec Research Institute of petroleum and chemical industry, Sinopec Shanghai petrochemical, Sinopec Fushun petrochemical Research Institute research institute.

The heart of the enterprise "dreamer"
He led the team to focus on improving the "one center" (to enhance the overall strength of the company), to strengthen the "two constructions" (enterprise productivity and cultural construction) and expand the "three relations" (development and related enterprises and cooperative relations, and constantly develop new projects; development and Research Institute cooperation, development the new product development; and the petroleum and petrochemical industry cooperation, to develop new markets, steady hoof walked quickly),Continue to advance. He firmly believes that: there is a strong support of the party and the government, the tireless efforts of all staff, we adults up, casting a hundred years vision will be able to achieve as soon as possible!

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